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It's actually pretty good

The skiing, despite the lack of any recent storms has actually been pretty good. The early storm left 6 feet of great base snow up top, and 2 feet at main lodge. Over at canyon lodge it was mostly rain, but recent snow making has helped a lot.Mammoth has the most open terrain in the west right now. It’s not last year, but still pretty good

rent now and save

Mammoth has been open since nov. 10th. With the recent storm of 15-34 inches the hill has been skiing great. We expect 5 additional chairlifts to be opening this weekend. The Ski Renter will be having it’s 1st price increase in 5 years on dec. 15th.Reserve now and lock in those 5 year old rates. THINK SNOW

Mammoth is now in full operation. Canyon and Eagle lodges have now opened.The snow at those 2 lodges is mostly man made and is not the best surface for skiing and boarding, although the coverage is good.The face of 5 is open, but be careful there is still lots of rocks. The top is skiing excellent, with the rocks being mostly visible.More snow expected tonight.All in all things are shaping up to be a great Christmas holiday. Think Snow